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HOLY SHIT THERE IS A RANDOM METEOR FLYING OUT OF NOWHERE TOWARDS A FIELD! Thankfully, there's nothing in that field except for grass. Maybe some people but it's a meteor. And a fairly big one too! And if one were looking very closely, which would be stupid considering the first thought would be to GET THE HELL AWAY, one might see some familiar black tiger stripes on red!

Until the meteor hit the ground, of course. Then you obviously couldn't see the person attached to it unless you were under it with him. Although the fates did dictate that the meteor would bounce off him and towards... well, whatever was unfortunate enough to be in its way.

Clearly, someone could not have survived that.

Or could they?

"Lu Gong, if you and your men aren't completely out of my sight by the count of three, you are going to die in the most painful way possible. One... two..."

The man sprang to his feet and reached for his sword, only to find nothing around him. At all. Not even a castle.

"...I can't believe that actually worked."

[At the Tavern the Shufolks are staying at]

I don't know how long it's been, and I STILL have a headache. I don't understand this. If this is really the time of the Yellow Turbans, how are we going to live? I haven't even been born yet.

I admit part of me wants to find a chunk of land in what will eventually become our own territory and farm it for the rest of my new life. I don't know if I want to be involved in fights I had and still have no business participating in.
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*Deng Ai was simply wandering about the countryside, trying to figure out just where in blazes he was. Wherever it was, it was some dump of a place. I mean, look at it! There's not a single piece of... well, anything that wasn't less than eighty years old! Seriously, how did these people live?*

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*in a small, unaligned village, a certain self-styled mystic is making a SPEECH!*

Downtrodden people, victims of the corrupt Han dynasty, HEED MY WORDS!

The Heavens have granted me a vision! The time of the new age of the Way of Peace is upon us! ...but, the Heaven's vision of the future has changed!

The time is not yet right to strike down the Han imperial court, corrupt though it is. Villainous oafs, blinded by greed and personal ambition have yet to realize the WILL OF THE HEAVENS!


Instead, we will create a NEW country, apart from the corruption of the Imperial court, and live the Way of Peace TODAY!

...but you don't need to take my word for it! Bring forth your sick, that they may partake of the medicine of the HEAVENS, and be cured!

This is the new way of the Age of Peace! Heaven's Miracles... for all people!

[OOC: Feel free to heckle Zhang Jiao, or if you want to fight him or otherwise confront him, we can assume it's after the speech when he's hoofing his barefoot self back home. (Unless you really want to attack a middle-aged man handing out medicine to the sick. D:)]

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*Somewhere in Youzhou, on the southern provincial border, a very confused warrior is fighting a sizable contingent of Yellow Turban scouts. The fight's going very well for him, as the scouts are poorly disciplined, poorly armed, and are every bit as surprised to see him as he is to see them.*

Geeze! There I was, *THUMP* getting ready to face down that old bag of bones that Shu calls *WHACK* a warrior, and now I'm *CRACK* bashing Yellow Turban skulls in again! Just like old times!

...Yeah, you better run away, you sissies.

*Looks around with a hand on his hip, slinging his rod over his shoulder* Huh. Now where exactly am I? I got a feeling we ain't on Mount Ding Jun anymore.